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Cross Dock & Transload

Transload or Reload

Miss an appointment time and got to get on the road? Have a load shift? Mechanical problems?

Diversified will minimize your down time by quickly and efficiently unloading / reloading your freight and store it if needed, we can ever redeliver it if necessary.


Cross docking is the process of receiving a large or small shipment, either by rail, air, trailer, or by container, and then unloading and staging the goods for reshipment, with minimal storage time. Sometimes we reship the goods via another mode of transportation and other times we separate and prepare the product for reshipment to various locations, depending on client requirements. We make all the arrangements for our clients or if you prefer, you can make arrangements and schedule the carrier of your choice.

Diversified offers cross docking service, to keep your goods on the fast track to your customers. We offer hub-and-spoke, consolidation and deconsolidation services, and can easily customize to your needs No problem - we are experts. We also deliver whether it is a single pallet or a truckload.