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Record Management

Diversified Record Management Center offers an excellent solution for record storage.

No capital investment
Diversified Record Management will supply the storage space, shelving, lighting, forms, security service, web service, and personnel required to manage your records.

Guaranteed space for growth and expansion
You pay only for the actual number of cartons you store in our facility, month-to-month. There are no annual lease requirements.

Computerized indexing
We keep a digital inventory of your records for immediate retrieval and accurate re-filing. Each department is listed separately and will receive individual storage and service billing for easy cost allocation.

“Total Recall” Software
Diversified Record Management Center provides a management report system that can detail a listing of records by carton number, title of records, date file span, alpha/numeric file span, destroy dates, and records center location. The system accurately tracks in/out activity for records stored at Diversified Record Management. Each file can be listed separately, and a detailed Alphanumeric printout supplied.

Safe, Secure and Confidential Storage
We provide 24/7 security, monitored by a central station. Fire protection is provided. We find your records in minutes and only authorized personnel can access them.

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